Exploration and prospecting of metal ores

In terms of exploration and valuation of poly metallic deposits we propose to use set of geo electrical methods in conjunction with seismic reflection, magnetometry and VLF. These methods, used as set allow for multi-parametric identification of geological deposit with recognition of magnetization differentiation, resistivity and velocity.

We offer a wide spectrum of geo electrical methods used as a standard in the search for metallic ores.

Depending on the required depth and detail of valuation we offer: audio-magnetotelluric method, with artificial sources (CSAMT), the transient electromagnetic method (TDEM), electrical resistivity methods (ERT, SGE) as well as the main used method: the method of induced polarization (in the time domain TDIP and spectral SIP).

The induced polarization method Geopartner offers the use of high-power transmitters (over 20 kW), which guarantees to obtain information about the distribution of mineralization in large, exceeding several hundred meters depth.