Slope stability analysis

Wherever we deal with land building, it is required to perform geo-technical surveys aimed to determine the stability of ground when exposed to various levels of stress / strain. For the project purposes and the environmental protection it is relevant to determine the probability of mass movements due to engineering works. In case of the seating of structures at slopes, it is required to determine their future impact onto the stability of substrate grounds.

Such information is needed not only for designers but also it is to determine the level of risk for local residents and for the natural environment. Stability calculations are used for this purpose. They are widely applied. The most important applications are as follows:

  • assessment of the risk of landslides in the area of intense precipitation,
  • changing ground conditions as the result of earth-works,
  • impact of the seating of engineering structures onto changing the capacity of ground,
  • impact of traffic onto the stability of rail-road embankments and substrate grounds.