Geopartner Ltd. is taking part in annual meeting 81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019. Our team of professionals will be there to share with you their knowledge and experience. You will have a chance to learn better not only all services we offer, but also methods and equipment that are used.
We cordially invite you to pay a visit to our booth no 102 during the conference that will take place on 3-6 of June 2019.

Here you can find more information about EAGE conference.

See you there!


On 28-30th of January the final meeting of COGITO-MIN (COst-effective Geophysical Imaging Techniques for supporting Ongoing MINeral exploration in Europe) took place.

On January 17-18th 2019 the 5th International Scientific Civil Engineering, Infrastructure and Mining Conference took place. Of course, Geopartner Ltd participated in such a great event. The main topic of the Conference was : "The impact of mining on the environment, people and infrastructure - negative effects reduction methods". The Symposium was held in the Cracow University of Technology.
Smart Exploration meeting in Athens

 On January 14 the Smart Exploration partners meeting took place. Smart Exploration received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreementno.775971. Geopartner is one of 27 members taking part in this project that is focused on ore exploration using new investigation technologies.  Since the cooperation had started our company provided gravimetric and magnetics survey of chromite deposits recognition in Kosovo and also seismic research in Finland.

During this business trip our team had a chance to share with other partners of consortium received knowledge after performed investigations and their outcomes.

Another one edition of EAGE conference took place in Copenhagen. Every year our team takes part in this event. This year we were surprised because of remarkably interesting workshops, well-arranged technical programme and a variety of new companies in our field. Such significant conference as EAGE made our team more motivated to progress and to move with the times.

Our company has a good tradition – every year we take part in annual conference EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers). In 2017 it took place in Paris and our responsibility was to be there because we can not imagine this conference without our company. During EAGE we took part in interesting workshops, shared our knowledge with other exhibitors and we also made a lot of contacts. It was an incredible experience for our team.

Geopartner is part of 27 participants creating the Smart Exploration project, for which the European Commission has awarded funds from the Horizon 2020 program. The project involves academic and research institutions as well as companies and agencies related to the mining industry and EAGE. The project focuses on exploration of mineral resources through the use of new exploration technologies - SMART EXPLORATION.


On 11.29.2016 - 01.12.2016 Geopartner took part in this year's Geothermal Congress in Essen organized by the Federal Geothermal Association (Ger. Bundesverband Geothermie e.V.). This Congress is one of the most important events in the field of geothermal energy in Germany and worldwide. It was attended by representatives of government institutions, local governments, sponsors, research institutes and service companies. Mr. Sigmar Gabriel - the German Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economy and Energy took honorary patronage of the event .

joint inversion

In the last issue of the scientific magazinel Acta Geophysica you can find article describing an innovative solution in regards to combined inversion of geophysical data that is used in our innovative original software MARIA (Modular Approach Robust Inversion Algorithm), which was developed as a part of the project funded by the National Center of Research and Development.


Cogito pl

At the turn of August and September 2016, Geopartner Ltd. took a part in COGITO-MIN project (COst-effective Geophysical Imaging Techniques for supporting ongoing MINeral exploration in Europe) – co-funded by the NCBR within the ERA-NET ERA-MIN network. The project is implemented by Polish and Finish consortium of scientific and industrial institutions.


Thanks to everyone who visited our stand at the annual fair EAGE in Vienna on 30 May to 2 June. We were happy to take part in such important event. 

We invite you again next year, this time in Paris.


On 17-19 May 20016 Geopartner participate in National Symposium – HYDROTECHNIKA XVIII 2016.

Main topic of the symposium held in Krynica Zdrój, was the problem of water management and flood protection planning, legal, administrative and economic issues in event of extreme events. Also, many specific technical problems related to the design and building of hydraulic engineering construction were presented. The speeches were prepared by well-known flood protection professional both from practical and research side.

Geopartner presented the possibility of using our innovative, patented soil compaction method in flood prevention.

On the 15 of April 2016 our company participated in "Engineering Geology Workshops 2016" organized by Department of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection of AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow and Scientific Society of Engineering Geology SIGMA. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Conference was mgr inż. Jacek Stanisz.
The workshops brought together numerous industry engineers both from commercial companies and academics. Those workshops were a convenient place to exchange experience and knowledge.

Our company representatives gave the presentation:
>>The scope of geotechnical and geophysical data for the railways in a context of new "Guidelines for testing of the ground for the construction and modernization of railway infrastructure - Igo-1"<<.


Warsztaty Geologii Inynierskiej

 In the second half of 2015, our company has carried out geophysical surveys in the Pomeranian province. Tests were performed on behalf of KGHM Polska Miedź SA. The aim of the study was to identify the geological structure for the presence of deposits of potassium salts.


fundusze unijne logo geo1

Our company performs work related to improving the mechanical strength parameters of embankments. First stage of geophysical surveys, geotechnical studies and soil tests on embankments in Lublin province was completed. The aim of this work was to evaluate the technical condition of the embankments before the planned implementation of patented soil compaction method. The following geophysical surveys were made on designated sections:

In the last edition of Cuprum Magazines Scientific and Technical Ore Mining the articel, whose co-authors are employees of our company has been released. The article presents the possibility of using the comprehensive interpretation of seismic and geoelectrical methodes in the search and recognition of copper ore deposits.

On 30 May - 2 June Geopartner invites you to a meet our representatives at the 78 geophysical EAGE conference in Vienna.

We encourage you to visit booth 1555,  where you will learn more about our services.


And now is the time to see our equipment in action:)
Seismic Source 50kg driven by nitrogen spring.
Shallow seismic method for the purpose of rock materials exploration.


Recently our company start to offer geophysical data interpretation based on joint inversion. For this purpose
we are using proprietary software called MARIA (Modular Approach Robust Inversion Algorithm), which was established as a part of project co-financed by Polish National Centre for Research and Development.


On June 24-26, on the campus of Cracow University of Technology, took place the second National Conference
Series Construction and Mining, whose theme was: " Impact of mining on the environment".
The company Geopartner was one of the sponsors of the conference and its representatives took part in discussions
on cooperation of research centers with the mining industry in the broad sense of protection of nature and of the
surrounding environment.


Thanks to everyone who visited our stand at the annual fair EAGE in Madrid.
We invite you again next year, this time in Vienna.

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Geopartner increased its fleet of machines with the latest product of INOVAGeo company - UNIVIB -PLS326 vibrators.
This equipment is designed for operation in heavily urbanized or access restricted areas. This smaller, lighter and more
vibrator is made with the same standards of quality and reliability of traditional AHV vehicles. Despite its smaller
size and exerting a lower ground pressure, it is able to generate frequencies up to 1Hz.



On 1 - 4 June Geopartner invites you to a meet our representatives at the 77 geophysical EAGE
conference in Madrid,

We encourage you to visit booth 777,  where you will learn more about our services.


On 16-17 October Geopartner participated in The International Expo of Innovativeness and New Technologies
INNO-TECH EXPO that was held in Kielce. The event joined the world of business and scientific achievements
and attracted specialists, owners of companies, scientists and cutting-edge technologies aficionados.

The INNO-TECH EXPO is the best place to showcase innovative site of the business. It is also an invaluable
opportunity to talk to experts, test new products and promote interesting projects.
II International Expo of Innovativeness and New Technologies INNO-TECH EXPO

In the days October 23-25,​​ 2014 Geopartner attended the second edition of Expotunnel, held in Bologna, Italy.
The event attracted the attention of many operators specialized in planning and construction of underground works,
innovations in machinery and technology for the underground, who gathered to take stock of the sector outlook at
an international level in a sharing atmosphere and productive dialogue.


On 24-26 September Geopartner participated in the XX Congress of Carpathian Balkan Geological Association
which as held in Tirana, Albania. The event attracted wide attention with contributors from
all the Carpathian-Balkan area, as well as from many other countries. The aim of CBGA is to promote and
encourage joint fundamental and applied geological research, as well as training and specialization
in the Carpathian-Balkan realm.

cbga logo

On 16-19 June Geopartner participated in the 76th EAGE Conference & Exhibition held in Amsterdam. Since 1951
conference has hosted so many very successful meetings between representatives of companies working in the
field of geophysics and geology. Geopartner was one of more than 380 companies which have presented both their
services and all kinds of equipment used in geophysical and geological studies.


On 7-9 April 2014 Geopartner participated in the VIII International Congress of Brown Coal Mining. The Congress
was held under the slogan "Brown coal – opportunities and threats" and served as the exchange of experiences
and achievements, and the site of integration of people from the mining and energy industries.