Bypass of the town of Siewierz

The aim of the research was to identify the structure of a ground medium (material) by geo-radar surveys in connection with the projected construction of the southern bypass of the town of Siewierz in terms of the occurrence of structural anomalies which can pose a threat to the ground. Some of them are likely to be empty spaces which are the cause of sinkholes and subsidence of ground. A section of the area under examination was the region of exploitation of silver ores in historical times. Geo-radar surveys were made along the set projected slopes of embankment edges.
All the measurements were performed by means of the RAMAC/GPR radar measurement system with a set of dipole screen antennas with their average frequency of sent impulses at 100 MHz. It made it possible to penetrate ground with adequate vertical resolution allowing the separation, identification of discontinuities and to reach the required depth of penetration down to several metres under the surface of ground.
8 longitudinal geo-radar lines with their total length of 11430 m were made within the designated lines. It can be seen at the figure 1 that the profiles within the northern part of the bypass were marked red and the profiles within the southern part were marked green. The direction of profiling were indicated with arrows.