Natural and artificial rock cavities location

Subsurface cavities location requires geophysical methods in which the measures are affected by density variations between the rock masses. The microgravimetric investigations carried out by Geopartner allow to detect the density of various structural morphologies in the subsoil, both natural and anthropogenic (eg. sinking and after mining cavities formation). The accuracy obtained from our measurement instrumentation allows us to analyze the temporal variations of the gravity and thus the trend and nature of geodynamic processes.

In addition to microgravimetric method, which is used as a tool for preliminary diagnosis of the spatial distribution of anomalous density zones (cavities) are usable seismic methods (MASW), electrical tomography and ground penetrating radar; the above methods, in the context of an overall interpretation, substantially allow the determination of the depth, while if used in combination with gravimetry allow the object sought 3D-reconstruction.