Electrical Resistivity Method [SGE / ERT]

Electrical resistivity method uses the phenomenon of conduction of electric current through the resort deposit, which is the measurement of soil resistivity changes using

a set of electrodes and measuring current in various configurations depending on the nature of the measurements. The method can be used in a classical variant of soundings (SGE), for which we obtain the distribution of the resistance as a function of depth for a single location or in a variant of electrical resistivity tomography (ERT). ERT method allows you to perform measurements and their interpretation directly in the 2D geometry on sections of any length.

You will find more about electrical resistivity method here.


Linear infrastructure construction
Engineering geophysics
Drinking, mineral, medicinal and thermal water


  • Automatic Resistivity System by GF Instruments
  • Multifunctional data acquisition system by Phoenix Geophysics Ltd
  • Multifunctional geophysical current source transmitter by Phoenix Geophysics Ltd