Induced polarization [TDIP / SIP]

The method of induced polarization (IP) is an extension of the electrical resistivity method with additional measurement of an electrical charge storage by geological deposit. The geological objects, polarized by electric current impulse, generate delay electrical current that can be observed on surface after electric current source is switched off. Since the observed objects, depending on its geological structure, the mineralogical composition and the geological structure of their environment, generate signals of electric field polarization with varying amplitude and varying time of his disappearance, the measurement and analysis of these results give some information about the geological structure.


Reservoir geology
Engineering geophysics
Drinking, mineral, medicinalandthermal water


  • Automatic Resistivity System by GF Instruments
  • Multifunctional data acquisition systemby Phoenix Geophysics Ltd
  • Multifunctional geophysical current source  transmitter by Phoenix Geophysics Ltd


Induced polarization [TDIP / SIP] Induced polarization [TDIP / SIP]