Exploration and prospecting of thermal waters

The essential issues of thermal water exploration is use of geophysical methods to determine the geometry of aquifers, migration paths of fluids and predict their mineralization and temperature. The basic parameter characterizing the geoelectrical properties of deposit, which is resistivity, is mainly reflecting by the lithological variation, however, is also modified by the porosity and permeability of the rock deposit, the nature and chemical composition of saturating media, as well as their temperature.

The magnetotelluric (MT) method, which Geopartner suggests for geothermal exploration has for many years been used successfully in this type of issues around the world. Unquestioned use of MT method emerge from the fact that as a result of the measurement, processing and interpretation of the data the distribution of rock conductivity as a function of the depth of geological layers is presented.
As part of the research of the geological structure we propose the use of a set of MT, reflection seismic surveys and gravimetry.