Exploration and prospecting of drinking and mineral water deposits

In the matter of use of geophysical methods in exploration and valuation of water deposits the essential is to determine the geometry of aquifers, migration paths of fluids and predict the irmineralization and temperature. The basic parameter characterizing the geo-electrical properties of deposit, which is resistivity, is mainly reflecting by the lithological variation, however, is also modified by the porosity and permeability of the rock deposit, the nature and chemical composition of saturating media. We perform geophysical survey with use of geo-electrical methods; magnetotelluric(including AMT and CSAMT), electromagnetic(EM), the transient electromagnetic method (TDEM), electrical resistivity methods (ERT, SGE) and VLF.

A common feature of these methods is the resistive imaging, ie. interpretation and analysis of the geological structure and relations water in the geological deposits based on conductivity.

As part of the comprehensive geophysical surveys to identify water deposits, Geopartner offers integration of geo-electrical and seismic methods together with potential fields methods (gravimetry, magnetometry). This approach is justifiede specially in areas with complex geological structure. For the recognition of water-bearing zones in the holes, we recommend a the borehole GPR. Use of 100MHz frequency in-hole antenna (to a depth of 150m) allows to determine fracture zones, aquifers and claystone areas.