Manual drilling

We offer a range of geotechnical services in our offer. Let's start with manual drills by means of Eijkelamp drilling systems, with and without piping of holes with their diameters of 70 and 100 mm plus impact windowing probes down to the depth of around 8 m below the level of ground. Thanks to these methods we are able to accurately identify the structure of a particular ground medium (material) for standard small objects at plain foundation conditions, for linear buildings (roads, pipelines, railways or embankments) or in places which are inaccessible for conducting works by means of mechanical drilling derricks. By making use of the above-specified method we have performed several thousands of geotechnical bore holes. Typically, these bore holes are within 3 - 6 m below the surface of ground.


Identification of geotechnical structures


  • Manual drills by means of Eijkelamp